An essential new performance measure in the HR tool kit

Organizations needs ways to assess staff motivation and performance. In addition, leaders wnat to know whether employees are actively supporting a positive and healthy workplace culture. Unfortunately, tradiaitonal supervisor evaluations of employees miss the mark.

It's time for PeerSpheres, a powerful software program that engages employees and provides early warnings of challenges.

PeerSpheres is developed by Beslogic for the client, a Kingston-based company. Beslogic, has been working with Changent, creating tools to help people and companies improve human interactions for the past decade.

The product of years of research and development, PeerSpheres is now being introduced to organizations that want to improve employee recognition and interactions.

Here's how it works:

PeerSpheres builds on the concept of 360-degree feedback from colleagues, subordinates and supervisors. It uses powerful artificial intelligence to produce employee evaluations that are accurate, informative and motivating.

Better interactions, better people, better results

PeerSpheres offers the following advantages to employers:

Measures the quality of interactions so that organizations can manage them and build the corporate culture.

Identifies poor performers, allowing supervisors to take action quickly.

Provides early warnings of innappropriate behaviours that could turn a workplace toxic. Demonstrates to all.

Offers support and evidence if a firm needs to terminate a staff member.

Employees benefit as well.

They see PeerSpheres as a superior evaluation methodology compared to old-fashioned annual performance reviews. They receive automated evaluations that are fair and unbiased, motivating them to transform their workplace behaviour and engage in superior interactions. Outstanding employees get the recognition and congratulations they deserve – on a regular basis, not just at year-end.

"As a leader in human resources, it is our priority to measure our organizational health. PeerSpheres was a fantastic discovery for me. It is a tool that stands out from other solutions in the market."

Stéphanie Sauvé – Consultant - Innovation RH - CRHA